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Beautification Arts & Culture Project
PG Hole 48th Street at Hoover in Los Angeles

Cheryl Noralez lecturing at UCLA on Wednesday February 17, 2016 on Garifuna food and on how GAHFU was conceived

LGE members are available for speaking engagements


Community Development:

The Civic Engagement Project aims to empower individuals to become more engaged in issues that affect their community.

As part of a non-partisan project, the Civic Engagement Project will help permanent residents become U.S. citizens by providing resources and offering ongoing immigration workshops. It will also serve to educate and empower community members to register to vote, and get them to voice issues and concerns that matter most to them. Through this project, we will conduct voter registration drives, host annual voting education and carry out the voting initiatives.

To learn more about upcoming events, please contact GAHFU (323) 898-6841


Building community partnerships with law Officiers



Immigration / Undocumented Garinagu in the United States. Dedicated to celebrating a US fueled by immigrant tradition. A PDA by Welcome US, a Non-Profit celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month in June.