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Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United, Inc
"We are dedicated to the preservation of the Garifuna language, culture, history and wellbeing." Email: garifunaheritagefoundation@yahoo.com


The mission of GAHFU is to serve the Garifuna-American, Caribbean-American and Central American community in the greater Los Angeles and Long Beach area, the Untied States and abroad through cultural education programs, outreach, advocacy and social services programs.

To empower and educate the people about the rich history and values of Garifuna culture by preserving and disseminating its culture in order to re-acculturate the new generations of Garifuna Americans. To create innovative educational programs that motivate, expand knowledge, promote its culture in general, enhance Garifuna awareness for opportunities and foster Garifuna identity. GAHFU believes that having an appreciation of one’s own culture sets the stage for developing partnership with people who come from culturally diverse backgrounds.


To establish a community cultural center in the Los Angeles County area, where Garinagu, Caribbean, Central Americans/Afro-Latino from all communities can congregate to preserve the uniqueness of all cultures. We dedicated to the preservation of the Garifuna culture, language, history, spirituality, music, arts and crafts, through creative and innovative educational programs by working together with Garifuna and non Garifuna communities to motivate, expand awareness, and to promote knowledge of cultural pride around the world.


1. To establish a Community Cultural and Learning Center in the Los Angeles county area.

2. Work to maintain the Garifuna language and culture alive.

3. Create innovative educational programs that motivate, expand knowledge, promote its culture in general and enhance cultural awareness.

4. Build a strong Garifuna, Caribbean, Central American/Afro-Latino community through education and organizing.

5. To establish social service and immigration programs to address the issues in the underserve Garifuna, Caribbean, Central Americans/Afro-Latino population in Los Angeles County area. 

GAHFU and its subsequent programs The Clifford J. Palacio Language and Culture Academy (formerly known as GAHFU’s Language and Culture Academy), the Lidereibugu Garifuna Ensemble (formerly known as GAHFU’s Garifuna Dancing and Drumming Ensemble), Garifuna Street Fest - November Garifuna Heritage Month are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. As the community representatives who direct the policy of our organization, the Board is the driving force behind our mission and growth. Our Board's composition is a blend of Garifuna and non Garifuna professionals, volunteers who share a range of talent, cultural knowledge and education expertise. Our Board members are: Mr. Clifford J. Palacio, Dr. Cadrin E. Gill, Professor Esther D. Nunez, Dr. Oliver Nathan Greene, and the late Dr. Michele Goldwasser who gave so much to the Garifuna community especially in Los Angeles.

Cheryl Noralez, Founder/President/CEO
Rony Figueroa, CFO and Co-Founder

Board of Directors

Professor Esther D. Nuņez

Clifford J. Palacio
Dr. Cadrin E. Gill

GAHFU does not offer membership however, we are fortunate to have the volunteer involvement from the community of concerned citizens who are dedicated towards the preservation and dissemination of the Garifuna culture. GAHFU reserves the right to terminate volunteer staff and program participants from any of its programs without cause or notice. Volunteer board, officer, staff and volunteer program participants (students and LGE participants) have the same rights to resign from participating and volunteering with GAHFU without cause or notice.